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Jeanie Scott is our wonderful resident skincare guru and there isn’t much she doesn’t know about keeping your skin looking its best! Every month we will select some of our member’s skincare questions for Jeanie to answer in our ‘Ask Jeanie…’column. So if you would like to ask Jeanie a question, please get in touch at [email protected]

“As a Skin Therapist, my job is to read your skin’s past, work with your skin’s present health and to guide it to a healthy future. And I couldn’t be more passionate after 15 years in the business, about it and the many varied, fascinating and hugely successful approaches to doing so.” Jeanie Scott

healthy glowing face

Ask Jeanie: Each month our resident skin therapist answers your questions

Resident skin therapist Jeanie Scott answers questions on breakouts, dark circles under eyes, sunscreen and hyaluronic acid

The best sunscreen brands for your skin by super facialist Jeanie Scott

Super facialist Jeanie Scott talks us through her sunscreen recommendations to protect any skin type from harmful UV rays
glowing skin luminous

Ask Jeanie: Our resident skin therapist answers your questions

Jeanie answers questions about the order you should apply products, breakouts along the jawline, and how often you should clean your wash cloth
girl freckles sun

Our resident skin care expert answers your questions

Jeanie Scott answers your skin care questions on the effects of the sun, and retinol

Jeanie’s top 5 top tips for party skin…

1) Exfoliate! Your chosen method of such (scrub, enzymatic, acids) and strength of formula will dictate how often is right for your skin but do it regularly and consistently. Get all that dull (and sometimes toxic!) debris off the surface to stimulate…

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