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face yoga exercise massage

Flirty Eyes

This exercise may be called ‘flirty eyes’ but as you’ll find out, it is probably not one you’ll want to do on the bus on the way home! Another great technique for lifting upper eyelids, reducing hollows under eyes and and it…
face yoga exercise massage

Circle the Eyes

The skin around our eye area is very fragile as it is tissue thin. This very gentle exercise uses gentle tapping motions to improve lymphatic drainage (removing toxins from the eye area), increase blood flow, relax the muscle around the eye and…
cheek face yoga exercise massage

Cheek Definer

Great for… Reducing the lines between the nose and the corners of your mouth, which deepen as we age. The fingers work like natural weights, providing light resistance. No of reps Hold it for 10 secsRepeat up to 10x Tips This is……

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