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Let’s get started

Let’s get started

Let’s Get Started!

You will need: A mirror, some face oil or oil-based serum and your hands!

Medical Disclaimer: Please read our FAQs for questions around any previous procedures and concerns about injuries; please consult a doctor if you are unsure about whether it is advisable for you to practice Facial Yoga. Always work to your own level.

  • Read the science: Have a quick read of the science behind Facial Yoga and take a look at the muscle diagram so you can understand a little about how the muscles in your face work, as it often helps to visualise each muscle as you work it
  • Understand the breathing: Facial Yoga uses the yoga breathing technique, which will bring a sense of calm, relaxation and energy flow to your session. Take a look at the breathing technique tutorial, however, when you are just getting started, don’t get too worried about the breathing, this will come in time and it is more important that you are concentrating on getting the exercise right
  • Wash your hands: It is always best to do Facial Yoga with clean hands because most of the exercises involve touching your face
  • Do some simple relaxation exercises: If you have time, start with some basic relaxation exercises to loosen up and relieve tension in your head, neck and shoulders
  • Try these simple ten minute routines: We suggest you start with these simple and quick routines for your upper and lower face. They will help you understand how to put the exercises together and give you the sense of a full routine. Where time is short, and when you are more confident, you can focus in on specific areas you want to target by doing stand alone exercises here
  • Wind down: Again, if time is on your side, winding down your session with some relaxation or guided meditation is a lovely way to finish the session feeling relaxed, calm and rejuvenated
  • Have fun! When you first start out, we guarantee you will laugh and maybe feel a bit silly as you learn some of the exercises. However, in time, these will become so routine you’ll be doing them on the sofa in front of your family or friends, and when they start to notice your results, they will be desperate to have a go too!

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