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Member discounts on Bharti Vyas facial oils, Life Armour supplements and Frownies products

Member discounts on Bharti Vyas facial oils, Life Armour supplements and Frownies products

Each month we offer our member discounts on selected brands we think you will love. This month we are delighted to bring you 20% off the entire Frownies range (UK customers only), and Life Armour products.

Members are also being treated to 25% off Bharti Vyas facial oils. Members can access this month’s codes by clicking into My Account.

Not yet a member? Click here to find out more about membership to Luminous Facial Yoga.


“Beauty On The Outside Begins Within”

This core belief is at the very heart of Bharti’s business, the sentiment that shapes all treatments, her signature products and the training of future practitioners. Arguably one of the first to adapt this concept in the world of western skincare with her holistic treatment approach to beauty therapy, she remains a pioneer in our understanding of the pivotal role inner health and wellbeing has on our outer glow.

From a tender age, immersed in an eastern upbringing rich in Ayurvedic principles (an ancient Indian system of health and wellbeing based on phytomedicinal or plant based healing), Bharti understood the natural connections and flow of energy that exists within the body, something that western beauty treatments overlooked.

The Ultimate Therapy Range was launched in 1997 after a year’s painstaking research and development to create a signature collection of formulations that would support her unique treatments professionally and in the homes of her clients to offer continued benefit.

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FROWNIES were created in 1889 after Margaret Kroesen discovered her daughter Alice, a concert pianist, had  developed unsightly frown lines.

FROWNIES, the ORIGINAL wrinkle-smoothing patch (sometimes called wrinkle tape, wrinkle stickers or wrinkle strips) have been worn at night to smooth
and soften expression lines for five generations of the same family!

The secret to smoothing wrinkles with facial patches was a well-kept beauty secret between Broadway + Hollywood stars and makeup artists for generations. From this rich history until today, FROWNIES stand the test of time by effectively reducing signs of aging and minimizing expression lines.


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Award winning 100% natural supplements, developed by experts.

Life Armour supplements nourish from within to protect against the stresses and strains of modern life.

Our 100% natural formulas work in harmony with your body to restore vitality and health. Whilst our intelligent blends adapt their function according to your body’s needs to reduce the effects of stress and anxiety.

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