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November Member Benefits: House of Possibility and ARDERE nutrition and naturopathy package

November Member Benefits: House of Possibility and ARDERE nutrition and naturopathy package

Each month we offer our member discounts on selected brands we think you will love.

This month we are delighted to bring you 20% off House of Possibility Rapid Tapping Club Subscription and 20% off ARDERE Nutrition and Naturopath package.

Luminous Face Yoga are also exclusively offering members 20% discount on a private online face yoga session with founders Camilla Bankes and Philippa Mitchell.

Members can access this month’s codes by clicking into My Account.

Not yet a member? Click here to find out more about membership to Luminous Facial Yoga.

House of PossibilityWe are House of Possibility: dedicated to empowering minds to create business and lifestyle success on their own terms. We help you open the door to your best life and work.

Whether you want to move to your next level, make a life change or amplify your business impact, we have a bespoke digital pathway to shift your mindset and provide strategies to make that happen. House of Possibility is where the changemakers of today and tomorrow come to become unstoppable.

What if you could tap into a new realm of focus, clarity and possibility in a matter of minutes? Reduce overwhelm and heighten productivity by joining our daily Rapid Tapping™ Club subscription

Members are being treated to 20% off the subscription plus one week free.

It is a true ‘one-minute wonder’ for taking you from ‘meh’ to hell yeah, low motivation to ‘let’s do this,’ sleepy to energised and one study showed it improved peoples general happiness by a third.

Poppy DelbridgeTapping is a proven technique used to literally rewire the brain, eliminating unconscious emotional blocks that keep us stuck and emotionally trapped. Results-driven and restorative, if you begin to transform negative and self-limiting beliefs at the root with the simple practice of Tapping, you find that your energetic state becomes more positive and ‘can-do.’ Your daily behaviours and actions follow suit, so you can work and live as your Most Powerful Self.

Energised. Focused. Ready. No matter what is thrown at you.

ardere wellbeingAt ARDERE we make you feel good, in mind, body and soul. We are the ultimate selfcare company, specialising in natural aromatherapy products and nutritional therapy.

Nutrition & Naturopathy Package: Evoke the Glow

This programme includes:

Initial 1 Hour Consultation
45 Minute Follow-up Appointment
Includes personalised health assessment report and nutritional advice as well as supplement and laboratory recommendations (if necessary).
This includes completing a comprehensive health questionnaire and 7-day food diary prior to the consultation or call. We would then focus on two specific symptoms or health goals that you would like to work on and move forwards from there.

Whether it’s skin health, hormonal problems, digestive troubles or fatigue, Lauren is equipped with the expertise to help you.

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