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Our heads, necks and faces carry a huge amount of tension. Holding on to this tension is not only bad for our general wellbeing, but over time, it begins to take its toll on the face, through the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

You will reap both short and long-term benefits from taking the time to perform these relaxation techniques, and they work really well both as a warm up and a wind down to your facial yoga session.

You can either do a full routine, or focus on a specific part of your head, neck or face.  Always work to your own level, and consult your GP if you are concerned about any injuries or recent procedures.

Select the face part below to filter the tutorials to the area you are looking to target.

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self massage face yoga

15 step self-massage routine

A fifteen step self-massage routine which is perfect for relaxing the head and neck and releasing tension  
deserted beach sunrise

Luminous Lockdown Day 8 – face yoga daily boot camp and wellness

Your 14 day face yoga boot camp along with daily wellness tips and ideas for you and your family  
hot air balloons in blue sky

Luminous Lockdown Day 12 – daily face yoga bootcamp and wellness

Your 14 day Luminous Lockdown with daily face yoga routine and wellness tips and advice  
face yoga exercise massage

The Lion

A great tension-relieving technique that will leave you feeling energised and rejuvenated. It’s also a fun one to do! Keep an eye on our tips to ensure you don’t create forehead lines as you exhale.  
neck face yoga exercise massage

Swan Neck

Another great technique to tone and firm the neck area, reducing fine lines and wrinkles and leaving you with a more youthful looking neck.  
forehead face yoga exercise massage

Smooth the Brow

This exercise helps train your forehead to stay still and helps you learn to express yourself through your face without creating unnecessary lines on your brow. It also helps reduce those ‘number 11’ lines between our eyebrows, tightens the appearance of your…

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