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Find out how to work out different parts of your face with our exercise and massage tutorials. If you are new to Facial Yoga, take a look at our ‘Let’s Get Started’ guide before attempting the tutorials. 

Whenever you have the time, it is is always a good idea to do a full routine to give you face a complete work-out. However, where time is short or you have a particular area of your face you’d like to target, you may wish to look under Facial Massage and Facial Exercise, and filter by face part.

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jade roller face yoga

June live class using massage tools

Catch up on this live class which uses gua sha and massage tools to tone the face  
facial gua sha

Full face and neck gua sha routine

A full face and neck gua sha routine to aid lymphatic drainage, brighten complexion, and tone the face  
Lower Face Workout

Five Minute Lower Face Workout

A quick lower face workout when time is short to work out cheeks, mouth, jaw and neck  
upper face yoga workout

Five Minute Upper Face Workout

A quick five minute workout for your upper face (eyes, forehead, cheeks) for when you are short on time but don’t want to miss your face yoga!  
camilla bankes live face yoga

Live Class 11th June – General Face Yoga Workout

Camilla takes you through a full face yoga routine  
Camilla Bankes live face yoga

Live Class 13th May – Upper Face Workout

Catch up on this live class which tackles forehead lines, crow’s feet, and sagging brows  

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