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Target your forehead

Target your forehead

Forehead face yoga

Our foreheads often give away our age because they are regularly used when expressing emotions and they can also carry tension. These exercises will reduce fine lines and wrinkles in our brows and foreheads and help you learn to relax the muscles in this area which in time, will leave you with a more youthful looking forehead.

If you are new to facial yoga, you may want to look at our step-by-step guide Let’s Get Started before you attempt these exercises.

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upper face yoga workout

Five Minute Upper Face Workout

A quick five minute workout for your upper face (eyes, forehead, cheeks) for when you are short on time but don’t want to miss your face yoga!  
facial gua sha

Full face gua sha routine

A quick and easy introduction to facial gua sha  
self massage face yoga

15 step self-massage routine

A fifteen step self-massage routine which is perfect for relaxing the head and neck and releasing tension  
face yoga exercise massage routine

Ten Minute Upper Face Workout

This ten minute upper face workout is a great place to start your facial yoga journey. The routine takes you through a variety of exercises that work on your eye area, cheeks and forehead. If you can manage to do this routine…
forehead face yoga exercise massage

The Owl

This is a great exercise for firming up your forehead, reducing fine lines and wrinkles. It can take a little practice, and it is a good one to do in front of the mirror to make sure your hands are correctly positioned…
forehead face yoga exercise massage

Smooth the Brow

This exercise helps train your forehead to stay still and helps you learn to express yourself through your face without creating unnecessary lines on your brow. It also helps reduce those ‘number 11’ lines between our eyebrows, tightens the appearance of your…

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